UNAWE – The Dreamgazer

This short movie was produced for EU Universe Awareness as part of a research project into the production of education films that are made for children and with their involvement. I recorded the sound on location together with Tommy Lapré (Soundblender) and did the complete post audio production from composing the soundtrack to mixing the final edit.

The seven children were heavily involved in the production of the movie; during the process they were given the opportunity to have an equal say in all the important aspects of filmmaking and storytelling. The 5-week project saw the children actively discuss and shape a story about astronomy. Together with the director, they decided on the storyline, activities, locations, sounds and aesthetics of the short movie. They then acted in the film together with the amateur astronomer, Petra van der Meijs. A professional film crew shot the film in one day in late June 2013. The shooting took place at a campsite bordering the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen nature reserve in the Netherlands.

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